A term one coin on a white women with a ghetto-like ass
Carrie A. is a Niglet due to her ghetto sized, bridgeport like booty
by guess whoooo!!!! January 14, 2011
A black person from the ages 1-4.
My cousin has a cute little niglet.
by Ted Collins February 26, 2009
a nasty nigger baby or child
male nigger: How long has it been since you've bathed dat niglet Keke?
woman nigger: A month..
male nigger: oh ok, she aigght den.
by squirtmouth June 23, 2015
a small nigger
Young joon is a niglet.
Look its a niglet!
by aburnfis January 20, 2014
Children younger then 6 years of age, who's parents are of African descent.
The black lady had 6 little niglets in line with her at the KFC.
by SNAVETREBOR November 02, 2011
A troubled black kid who doesn't quite realize it yet. Nickname is used by friends and family to help the person come to terms with the truth.
"Where is that niglet at?.. I'm going to be late for class."
"Hmm, idk, I haven't seen Asia all morning."
by ghettojoke12 November 01, 2011
a kid nigger.
that little niglet sure got some nappy hair.
by Deez Nuts 101 April 15, 2011

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