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its like saying nigga to your friend who looks like a piglet. nigga + pig = niglet.
Ravivar stop being a niglet!!!
by id1988 September 30, 2009
Those bad ass kids that run around the streets all summer and mess up other peoples lawns and litter everywhere.
That lil nig-let almost got ran over when he ran in front of my car.
by blexican November 08, 2007
A child or small person of African decent.
Look at the niglet on a leash.
by Mondays11 April 30, 2010
A Pocket Sized Little Nigger That Steals Anything That Is Worth Money... And Shoots You If You Walk Down His Street Because He Is Black Or Also Known As A Nigger
Damn! That Niglet Got Shot!
by BlackPowersNigletsInDisguise December 31, 2010
a baby black person.
awh your niglet is adorable :)
by tayclimz August 20, 2009
A niglet is a small black person, either a midget or a child under the age of 14.
"Yo breadbin, have you seen that little niglet Ash? Dat man's got a clubfoot"
by Johanmirfin August 01, 2009
african baby or child
she was pregnant with a niglet.
by Sug Daddy August 27, 2008