Noun: Niglet (nig-let)

1. A stinky negro kid who is often mistaken for a piece of excrement.

2. A negro kid found to be eating fried chicken.

3. A type of excrement resembling a black colored pebble.
1. "Damn! That little niglet is stinking up the room!"

2. "Lets go to the local KFC to take photos of stinky niglets."

3. "I was just in the washroom and gave birth to niglets."
by G0D-2012 July 14, 2011
A person of negro status not reaching at least 3ft. 8in.
Look at that Niglet, lets Mustard Gas his ass.
by Jo44ke October 04, 2010
A child or small person of African decent.
Look at the niglet on a leash.
by Mondays11 April 30, 2010
a baby nigger, or in some cases, a child nigger.
man, i just gave love to my wife, and now we have a niglet on our hands

nigger + nigger = Niglet
by mr. niglet maker February 25, 2010
a chubby little nigga
Look at that niglet waddle!
by Chinchillah August 19, 2007
1. A racial slur. Used to describe an African American child, or an adult African American not of average height

2. An African American who is of or less than a nigger; not a real nigger despite his/her heritage.
1. Look at the little niglet, haha.

2. Tim: Ay, you seen that nigger Chris?
Mike: Chris... that fool aint no nigger, he's just a lil' niglet
Tim: hahahaha
by Ryguy3 October 26, 2006
A Pocket Sized Little Nigger That Steals Anything That Is Worth Money... And Shoots You If You Walk Down His Street Because He Is Black Or Also Known As A Nigger
Damn! That Niglet Got Shot!
by BlackPowersNigletsInDisguise December 31, 2010

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