A really awesome car ride that involves yelling "NightRiders!" from the car at least 50 times at people you don't know.
Also known as a good time, or downright awesome.
First guy: Oh man, those Night Riders were so cool! Yelling from their car!

Second guy: YEAH, totally f***in awesome!
by nightriders00777 May 29, 2011
A female you allow over your house only at night, for sexually purposes only. You are never seen with this person during the day but at night she rides the hell out of your dick.
"Yeah, Wendy thats my night rider."
by Sunstarz0212 October 26, 2008
Whenever someone on a motorcycle is doing something dangerous or extreme. i.e. going real fast, dodging traffic, making a loud noise, standing up pissing while moving
Oh man we got a night rider!
by jabba the hut April 08, 2006
A male or female who has an undistinguishable love for the black race men.
"Look at her wide pussy, she must be a night rider!"
by MANBUSTmeow August 13, 2014

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