anyone who rides black penis
haha crazy nightriders
by qdizzle June 17, 2003
a white girl who only only likes fucking black men with big dicks
Me: He called me a nightrider cuz i said i like black guys!
You: Well you are one..
Me: Oh yeah
by n00wayy February 25, 2010
A person who has a very fast, completely blacked out, all around boss car that they drive recklessely, the person is also very good looking, gets the bitches, steals the brew, and girls pretty much pass out when they see them. To be a night rider you have to be perfect.
Yoooo, where'd the brew and hot girls go?......(Whispering) The Night Riderz took them. Ooo man i wish I was a Night Rider.
by Night Riderz January 04, 2011
the obsession of a white woman to be with ormake love to a black male in private.(when a white woman only wants to go to a black club or bar)
When we went to the bar last night a nightrider gave me the key to her hotel.
by bkboyuno February 18, 2009
The term used when married men secretly masturbate in their car at night.
"Hey did you get any action last night?"
"Nah. Came close, but the kids were awake when we got home. What about you, you got lucky?"
"No. Well I mean kind of. You know, Grace conked out right when we got home. So I snuck out to the car, rubbed one out."
"You a night rider?!"
by Teamo86 October 10, 2013
An individual (usually male) who will take various forms of public transport to get a wiff of fanny. This journey will take place at night.
Marlon: I caught 4 buses and 2 trains to meet that bitch last night and she still didnt let me park my penis.

Paschal: your a pathetic and desperate nightrider.
by flyharness February 03, 2009
A white girl with a huge ass, who only goes after black men. They usually wear hoop earrings and tight yoga pants or TNA's, and can be found listening to R&B/HipHop on flow935.

People usually judge them by calling them whores and saying that they are just interested in big dicks, when most night riders just find darker complections more attractive.

White guys are usually irratated by these girls because they have absolutely no chance at chopping them, and night riders frequently get called racist for prefering black individuals.

Common nicknames include "Bootylicious."
Mikayla: Look at the sexy nutella standing there by the bus stop!

Jess: Dayuum, that's one f-i-n-e piece of chocolate.. we are such night riders! ;)
by JessicaChantelle March 31, 2010

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