male sex organ (penis)
My nightcrawler is craving some action.
by BJ December 16, 2003
Top Definition
A suggestively homosexual game played by Charlie and Frank from the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The game consists of Frank and Charlie crawling around in the night together like worms.
"Why do we never play night crawlers anymore huh frank?"
by Butta Steez October 12, 2009
It's what it sounds like. It's a game where you crawl around like worms in the night. It's good for when you want to make memories with your friends.
When was the last time we played nightcrawlers?
by one2ohmygod October 20, 2009
The most awesome X-men ever! Nightcrawler's real name is Kurt Wagner. He is german and a former circus acrobat. He is also a superb fencer and athlete and has extremely strong faith.

Is 5'9, blue fur, yellow eyes, three fingered hands and toes.

His main power is teleportation (BAMF) but also has other abilities such as 'sticking' to walls and seeing in the dark.

Also my idol. :)
"Have you seen X2? Maaaaaaaaan nightcrawler is awesome"
by DJD December 20, 2003
A suggestively homosexual game created by Charlie Kelly from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The game consists of people crawling around in the night on the floor of a dark room together like worms in sleeping bags, one would assume.

The game has been played by Charlie Kelly for years according to an old friend "Schmitty", who also suggests it be taken up a notch with the implementation of blankets, “They could be the dirt!” Frank enthuses. “Or a force field,” Schmitty suggests. Charlie dislikes the idea saying it is an “imagination-based game".
Why do we never play night crawlers anymore, HUH?!?
by Jake Jawesome June 29, 2011
Exactly what it sounds like.
Billy, please show the jury where he touched you when you played night crawlers.
by Edward Mulligan December 09, 2009
A person that prefers night to day; moonlight to daylight.
People that work night shifts tend to usually be nightcrawlers.
by Kraul August 24, 2003
Someone who shows up at the house ninja style for a booty call, sneaks in the house, and crawls into your bed.
Did any night crawlers show up at your house last night.
by Kevintps May 24, 2007
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