A white girl with a huge ass, who only goes after black men. They usually wear hoop earrings and tight yoga pants or TNA's, and can be found listening to R&B/HipHop on flow935.

People usually judge them by calling them whores and saying that they are just interested in big dicks, when most night riders just find darker complections more attractive.

White guys are usually irratated by these girls because they have absolutely no chance at chopping them, and night riders frequently get called racist for prefering black individuals.

Common nicknames include "Bootylicious."
Mikayla: Look at the sexy nutella standing there by the bus stop!

Jess: Dayuum, that's one f-i-n-e piece of chocolate.. we are such night riders! ;)
by JessicaChantelle March 31, 2010
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A white woman who chooses to only, or most often, sleep with the blackest of men. Hence the term, "Night Rider".
Dude, that chicks a dirty fucking Night Rider.

Whoa, Emily, easy there on the night riding.

Yo, that chicks rides the night like there's no tomorrow.
by nan March 03, 2005
A white female who favors sex with black males.
That bitch is a total night rider
by Jeff Duclervil February 10, 2008
a white girl who loves the black penis
That bitch cheated on me, turns out she's a night rider
by the fat kid November 18, 2007
white chicks who only fuck black guys
dayum, once you go black, you never go back seemed to be true for Alicia... the nightrider of all time
by alyssa April 06, 2005
A(n) (ugly, or fat, or both) white girl who only likes black guys. Common characteristics include slicked, wet hair, hoop earings, LOTS of make up, and their impression of a Jamaican accent (very cheesy). Can be picked up on a public bus.
"Look at that white girl Jamal's talking too!"

"Yup, she's a night rider"
by Amir J February 22, 2008
1) A female with hooped earings that is attracted to every black male on the planet.
2) Woman who goes out every nite, mostly to chill with black people.
*White Girl from BSS, dressed like a hoe with hooped earings walks in...*
"Hey Kevo, see tht g over there?"
by shiv_reading November 28, 2007
a white girl that sleeps with black men.
I wouldn't bang her, she is a night rider.
by bigtime011 November 09, 2009

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