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An older video game console, usually produced by a defunct company, which can be easily found in many inner city pawn shops and thrift stores. These machines are typically passed off to unwitting ghetto parents as the latest and greatest in gaming technology.

Due to the large number of machines that could potentially count as a Niggtendo, it is not uncommon to add the terms associated with the roughly equivalent caucasian product.

For example while an original Atari or Colecovision could count as a Niggtendo, a Neo-Geo or TurboGrafx-16 would be considered a "Super Niggtendo", and a Sega Saturn or Atari Jaguar would be considered "Niggtendo 64".
Shaqueena said she got the kids a new gamestation down at Jeffrey's pimp n' pawn, but when she got it home they told her "Nigga what the fuck! This ain't Madden, it's Tecmo Bowl!".

I guess I should have told her they only really sell niggtendos down there.
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