nuts, balls, testes. Usually preceeded by "hop off my/ his...", meaning to stop being all over someone/obsessed/ or in their business.
Damn, you've been talking bout his tired ass all day. Hop off his niggies please.
by doughnigga July 16, 2006
Top Definition
10 or more black niggers
"a lot of niggies attend rap music concerts!"
by truckintim87 April 02, 2009
of or pertaining to the Negro race.
I usually avoid driving through those bad niggy neighborhoods.
by Booker T. Buttfuck September 30, 2003
Another way to say buddy, pal, home-slice etc. or nigga without getting stabbed, shot, raped, robbed or any combination of the four. Originated in West Palm Beach FL. More specifically, Timberline Projects.
Ey niggy! We going to the courts to ball today right?
by Dat lil' niggy Daniel March 01, 2006
short for nigga or nigger, a white person might be able to say this term without getting shot
That niggy needs to shut his mouth.
by the nigger man February 21, 2007
n. Another term for the word Nigger or Negro. Often seen as a safer version of the word negro or nigger for white people to use without getting shot, shanked, or raped. Or all three.
Ima' kill you niggy!

Wassup my Niggy?
by Pennyy9 December 15, 2008
A girl that you refer as your nigga. Probably one of your best friends and some that you can trust.
What's up my Niggy.
by Dr. Frelick December 29, 2013
An attitude of vocal disgust and/or contempt combined with a brash, self-important sense of entitlement often exhibited by younger, affluent, African-American women.
Azealia Banks got all niggy at the awards ceremony when a reporter suggested that she has only a single, mediocre song to her credit.
by Isotopia November 05, 2015
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