The act of stealing, hijacking, breaking and entering with intent of burglary, or general thieving.
Where's my car! FUCK! Don't tell me I just got niggered!

Why do kleptomaniacs like niggering other people?
by Bitch ass motherfucker July 02, 2010
To punk or fool someone.
We just niggered that chick.
Can you say, YOu just got niggered?
We do a lot of niggering to people.
Do not nigger us.
by Lindsey March 05, 2005
To shoot an object or person a numerous amount of times with paintball guns until the object is demolished or the attackers feel satisfied.
Today mega and the boys niggered tenter until he called for amelia.

Grenader told the hoodlums to stop niggering his lamps until Sunday.
by rasheem January 15, 2007
To work really hard.
Strenuous work.
Mom calls son.

Mom: "How is work going today hunny?"

Son: "It sucks, I've been niggering all day."

Mom: "I've got cookies and milk waiting for when you get home."

Son: "Peace the fuck out."
by no interviews April 11, 2005
(1) To make racist jokes in front of persons of color, or any other majority or minority group, or in a public place.
(2) Use of the word "nigger" in front of persons of color, whether they are American or non-American, or in a public place.
(3) To work really, strenuously hard; typically for little pay. To be a slave.
(4) To abuse another person because of something out of their control, such as skin color, race, or a disability.
(1 and 2)
- "Why did that guy beat me up?"
- "Ah, because you went niggering out on the patio"

(3) "Ma, I won't be home until midnight because I was niggering all day. Please bring me some cookies."

(4) "It's not cool to go niggering at someone just because they're 4'11."
by icare January 11, 2006
To defeat someone using tactics that they are aware of, but is not widely utilized. Named because when you do this to someone they are so enraged they will often call you the most insulting word known to most "Nigger"
"You were niggering me from behind the door with a pump shottie on CS_Office you prick"


"STOP Niggering me out of quest drops in WoW you turd!"
by Gameshow November 27, 2006

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