a black-o-licious, mo butta assed female of african desent female sister
Damn, that be a fine niggerette I'd like to smoke.
by Dan Sakora March 30, 2005
An extremely poorly rolled blunt, loose to the touch...with no filter. Should be advicsed that Nigg lips do not go well.
Look at that fucking Niggerette, it makes me want to kick some puppies off a building.
by NiggTron May 13, 2005
name for a white suburban kid who thinks he's black in color, drinks heavily at times, and smokes marborol cigarettes.
"My boy niggerette was smokin them marborols while he was all faded off labatts and freestylin.
by Brett Walsh February 27, 2006
A menthol cigarette, namely Kool's or Newport's.
I always wondered why Newport's cost 2 dollars more a pack than regular cigarettes until I realized that it's because the manufacturers realize that black people are the mainly who purchase them. They are niggerettes.
by Demitrious Octavion May 29, 2016
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