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Niggerette: A product that parodies the anti-nicotine product Nicorette, offering its own versions of all the products Nicorette offers such as Niggerette gum, Niggerette patches, Niggerette inhalers, etc. But instead of helping a person get rid of a nicotine addiction like Nicorette does, Niggerette helps a black person get rid of a nigger addiction. Actor/Writer Kamal Symonette-Dixon is the comedian who coined this particular definition of Niggerette, and he made it popular through his comedic sketch entitled “Niggerette”. And this version of Niggerette draws a firm distinction between “black people” and “niggers”, a distinction made famous by comedian Chris Rock.

You can see the Niggerette video to grasp the definition at SPOC.tv
“Yo, you heard him? That nigga said the dumbest shit I ever heard.”

“Yeah, somebody need to get that fool a pack of Niggerette.”
by SPOC.tv June 06, 2009
12 13
A combination of nigger and cigarette.

Describes a menthol cigarette.

Common brands include Kool and Newport.
Ned: Do you think Jamal will want a pack of Marlboro reds?

Ted: No, he'll want a niggerette. I've got a pack of Kools for him.
by CaptainHowdy January 04, 2009
8 10
A white woman who thinks she's black.
Man, that bitch is a niggerette.

I had some niggerette suckin' on muh dick last night.

So, I hear you like niggerette's.
by Cronoberrychef August 20, 2008
13 15
A Patch to weine Black Men off White Women
That Nigger Needs A Niggerette Patch
by mom darriott July 27, 2010
5 8
A female Nigga. Usually coming from Jamaica, they are basically black females, although only other blacks call them this, as is it ain't no work fa crackers. Ocasionally known as niggeretta's
Lil Wayne : Yo Kelly, ma niggerette wats up..
Kelly: Not much nigga I'm cool blackie
by Mrfuuckyiie March 06, 2009
12 16
Term used for cigarettes commonly used by african american folk.
guy 1 "yeah, can i get a pack of newport 100s please?"

guy 2 "yeah sure, still smokin them niggerette's?"

guy 1 "yeahh, yeahhh."

guy 2 "must be one of jerry's kids..."
by lemikesterman420 February 20, 2010
10 19
A young, african american girl that smokes cigarettes.
Damn nigga, that niggerette be smokin them cigarettes!!
by ~Faquisha~ February 16, 2007
24 37