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Niggavision is a power that only the darkest of darkies have the potential to develop. It is the ability to literally view any weed, cocaine, or cheap malt liquor from a mile away.
Joe: DUDE! you know i hate watching BET! turn that nigger shit off!

Toby: this happens every time im chillin at yo pad dawg! im BLACK WTF how many times i gotta 'splain this shit? *puts down 40oz of steel reserve 211*

~~ All of a sudden a 6"7', dark as night, grade-E nigga bursts through the door smoking a newport and a black & mild at the same time snatches the 40 and dips ~~

Joe: THAT SUN'ABITCH HAD THAT GODDAMNED NIGGAVISION! what in tarrrrnation!? well, hey its alright, we got some real good expensive ale all the way from Belgium in the fridge!

Toby: fuck that man im headed back over to 7/11 for s'more steel

Joe: i swear to god toby ur gonna get that gosh darned niggavision one day too...
by BromoDragonFLY December 12, 2009
40 14

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Nigga vision are also known as sunglasses or shades, they are called that way because you see the world in a darker just like the niggers do
Man when I put ma nigga vision on the whole world is being nigger. Poor fucking niggas.
by nigga visionnary February 07, 2009
107 22
Black television or movies with a black cast.
my favorite niggavision channel is BET!
by Ricardozor November 23, 2008
6 14