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(1. An elite strike force formed in 1145 A.D. whose main cause is to eradicate any human being, entity or otherwise who opposes the Niggashock or the Niggashock's allies. The Niggashock can be summoned by screaming nigga at 3:00am under a full moon. The person who summons the Niggashock must wear watermelon shells as armor all around the body and wear chicken drumsticks as Native American Feathers. The Niggashock wield sticks.

(2. When a Black Man sees a watermelon in A&P
(1. "Summon the Niggashock my brother"

(2. "Damn, hes go that Niggashock!"
by Founder Of The Niggashock April 02, 2012
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the in between time of the initial reaction and inevitable shooting that a black individual experiences after being called "nigga"
"Needless to say, we didn't stick around for the nigga shock to wear off at Wendy's after Hunter let slip the N word."
by ZackTodd11 May 08, 2007
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