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A person of little means that lives well, and doesn't realize they are poor because they have well to do relatives, and friends. Also they take unnecessary risk because they know they have multiple safety nets.
I wish our brother would act more responsibly. He's never gonna get rid of that niggarich mentality until we cut him off and make him fend for himself.
by dehubb October 25, 2011
35 11
Spending money on unnecessary things and not using it to pay your bills. (lights, rent, car payment, telephone bill)
Hey Jamal? Why you always got money for the newest kicks, yayo, brand new gear, bling, squares, rims, dranks at the club, cel phones, but you got
a. no lights on at the crib
2. petro be on E in your ride
c. your babys mommas be callin' every week lookin' for ca$h
and d. you aint got no mother fuckin' job. How is that?

Jamal: I'm a playa fool. Holla!

Pookie: Naw man, you aint shit! you're just nigga rich.
by M Ryder February 13, 2008
306 88
A short term financial windfall where the person in question is spending money like there is no tomorrow. Then when he/she runs out of money, they wonder what happened to it all. This usually happens to poor people when they get a large sum of money at one time.
When Jesse won his court case and got his big settlement, he became "nigga rich" and blew through all the money in one week!
by porkchopman March 10, 2010
116 37
Having just enough money to do what you want that night, but no more.
I just got paid, I'm Nigga' Rich. Let's go.
by Jxs April 24, 2006
86 14
Coming into a large sum of money such as a student loan refund or some form of a backpay. Instead of spending said money responsibly, this short lived windfall usually results in shopping sprees and a few good nights of partying. The money is typically gone within days.
I just got my loan refund.. I'm nigga rich and going to the mall!!
by deeeds August 07, 2010
67 34
When your baby mama is not walking out the door on you
Tyrone is so "nigga rich" he got 3 kids with the same baby mama and she still thirsty
by NiggaRich69 February 21, 2014
3 2
spending money that you do not have
president obama is being nigga rich with tax payers money, eventually future generations of tax payers are going to have to pay for his over spending.
by 50m30n3_3153 January 15, 2011
97 97