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Denial or a basic turn down. Ebonics equivalent to "Yeah Right!"
Black dude: Ey girl why don't you come chill ova at muh pad wit my homiez so we can get down guh?

Black chick: Niggaplease!

by Indeezee May 21, 2008
27 8
When you accidently bump into/are in the way of a black girl. Then when you try to say sorry you get slapped in the face with a "Nigga Please!" followed by a string of insults including ones aimed at your ethnicity, mom, fashion sense, Etc. And it all ends with a snap of the fingers and a bob of the head and she walks off. Leaving you in a total state of confusion.
Johnson: Oops!, I'm so-
Shaquandaya: Nigga Please!, You look like you just came out of the thrift store with yo cheap ass. Yo mom was a poor white trash hooker and you look straight up retarded! Crazy fuckin' crackas, think they can accidently walk into me!
Johnson:...What just happened?
by iwannabeanalcoholic January 27, 2005
5114 904
Slang that means "Give me a break." Or anything similar in meaning.
"I got laid last night!"

"Nigga please."
by IceWarm June 21, 2004
2803 454
a phrase someone (preferably black people) say when they disagree with another's comment.
Guy 1: Laquisha has a fine ass.
Guy 2: Yea but yo momma's ass is better.
Guy 1: Nigga please.
by Woobie May 28, 2005
1539 477
a phrase commonly used to show disapproval or disdain towards another individual or comment.
person A: Yo dude check out this crackin ass shirt i got.

person B: you still got a busted ass grill!

person A: nigga please
by wordsmith January 21, 2004
754 321
A fine cereal, ask for it by name!
I just had some nigga please cereal last night. Damn was it good! Came with free kool-aide too!
by Xtrminatr August 22, 2005
899 549
Exclamatory interjection typically spoken by African Americans who doubt the veracity of another's claim.
Kee'sha: "Girl, my baby daddy got hisself a new job!"

LaQuinta: "Nigga please!"
by UrbanLexicographer February 22, 2008
328 121
A brand of cereal primarily consumed by African American families who are very suspicious of the term. Also can be called nigga, please.
2. Children: 'More Nigga Please PLEASE!'
3. Joe: 'What's for breakfast?'
Sarah: 'Nigga PLEASE...'
Joe: 'You don't gotta get mad I'm just asking what is for breakfast'
Sara: (Points at box) 'Nigga Please!' (In a nice voice)
by Urban Dictionary February 22, 2005
420 277