Niggamare, The stuff that black people dreams are made of. Opposed to have the white fluffy cloud-like substance that white people dreams are made of, black people dreams are made of niggamare, a black goo-like substance, sometimes dries to form the stuff under your toe nails.
guy 1: I mean, where the hell does that stuff under your toenails come from?
guy 2:Well every time a black guy has a dream he makes some niggamare...
by Kinky Pinky August 15, 2005
Top Definition
A niggamare is basically a niggas nightmare. Contrary to an ordinary nightmare which include scary subjects like monsters or death, a niggamare consists of a nigga getting a job or running out of fried chicken.
Leroy: Hey nigs, you woke up early. It's only 3 p.m.
Tyrone: I know bro, but I had a niggamare.
Leroy: Damn, what was it about?
Tyrone: I had a dream that Popeyes ran out of chicken.
Leroy: Damn, that's scary.
Tyrone: I know, lets play madden.
by McTruthiness September 07, 2008
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