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A low income igloo.
A house for blacks when the projects are too expensive.
White person: Daddy, what's that igloo with bullet holes?
White Dad: thats no igloo, thats a niggaloo

#igloo #projects #low income #high income #holes
by The Dude13 December 22, 2005
A low income igloo. Homes for blacks when it is cold outside and the projects are just too expensive
Look at that niggaloo ova thurr, they only a few bullet holes but we po' and it's cheap.
#projects #igloos #upper class #ice house #nigalo
by Adam C "The Dude" December 22, 2005
A low income igloo, commonly lived in by coloreds.
Tyrone Jackson lived in a melting niggaloo.
#nigaloo #niggalo #poor igloo #igloo #projects
by Adam Cum May 31, 2006
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