A black wonnabe juggalo.....
Am a juggalo not a niggalo
Am a juggalo not a niggalo
u can tell am a juggalo
and not a niggalo
coz my hommies are white
and ma bitches are thight...
by Juggalo this February 04, 2005
Though it can be used as a black jiggalo, it is also a variation of the positive connotation of "nigga."
Guy 1: Hey buddy, what's up?
Guy 2: What's up, niggalo?
by Medicus243 October 21, 2012
A Niggalo is someone who sells chicken on a street. Often found around ghettos. The word is derived from Gigalo but instead of selling your body, one sells chicken hence Niggalo.
After Stephan sees his Gigalo, he works up quite an appetite so he goes down street to see his favorite niggalo.
by SDSJ February 17, 2010
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