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The number of kids a black woman has. Bad kids are usually referred to as niggbytes.
I have zero niggabytes on my hard drive.

Which means I have no kids
by Cecebaby June 06, 2011
Niggabyte: (N) space on a hardrive taken up by any type of "nigga" media, including (but not limited to): rap, r&b, hip-hop, and movies in which the black protagonists' goal is to defeat the white antagonist.
1) I have a 30NB Mp3 Player.

2) My music library consists of a half niggabyte of Afro Man.
by EM0L0GIST December 25, 2004
Three fifths of a byte.
"Oh my god... I've finally done it... I've invented a method of losslessly compressing three days of 1080p video to only one niggabyte!!!" said Rishi.
by Mo Bitchez January 04, 2008

1. A unit of computer memory or data storage capacity equal to 614.4 megabytes or 3/5ths of a gigabyte.

2. Six hundred billion bytes.
A file size of 1 niggabyte can also be expressed as:
5153960755 bits
644245094 bytes
629146 kilobytes (abbreviated as KB or Kb*)
614.4 megabytes (abbreviated as M or MB)
0.60000 gigabytes (abbreviated as G or GB)
0.000586 terabytes
0.0000006 petabytes
by Manuel Labour March 12, 2008
an african-american/black-american computer geek/techie, technical wizard, who's life revolves around the computer.
I know Jamal can fix your computer, he's a nigga byte.
by anonymous2009 September 15, 2006
Used to refer to a billion black people; See Africa
There's a least a niggabyte of hungry people in Ethiopia
by Cpwns February 08, 2011
A black hacker or computer geek. Given its racist etymology, this term is to be used cautiously.
Tyrone spends all his time online. That niggabyte!
by Evil_Genius May 23, 2005