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A nigga baby is a dark complected beautiful child that wears a pamper and no shoes. He or She will probably have a cajun uncle or some kind of racist relative that gave them that nickname. A niggababy is not a racist term even though a racist may have created the term. The term nigga has evolved and now is a term or expression of endearment. A niggababy does not hav to be black or dark but should at least be brown either on the outside or on the inside.
"Say, where is that little kitty? I can hear her crying."
"oh, the last time I see the kitty was when Niggababy was pushing it in a stroller in the kitchen."
"oh, ok then, the kitty's fine....NIGGABABY!!! you better be nice to that baby kitty!!"
by frankie5x April 17, 2011
2 6
A saying by white Americans meaning, A Female white American and a male African American have a baby. Also called a nigglet, lil nig or "that ain't mine".
White American : "Damn Roy, Thats a F-ing nigga baby"
by Roy Arnold JR August 26, 2006
130 84