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1) A person of African descent who is noticeably larger in size (weight/height) than the average male/female.
2) A person of African descent.
3) A nonsense word that may be interpreted positively or negatively that can be used to identify an entity.
1)Person: "Oh Shaquille O'Neal...you are SUCH a nigfoot!"

2) Person 1: "Hey, see that guy over there?"
Person 2: "Black fella? Yeah, what about him?"
Person 1: "I think it might be nigfoot."

3) Person: "The socially acceptable usage of political correctness is nigfoot."

Person: "That tree stump is (a) Nigfoot."
by Bloodfax November 03, 2011
10 5
Commonly defined as a discoloration on the underside of the foot after partaking in felonious outdoor activities aka jumping on the tramp and/or running in dirt and/or a pile of poop and/or blacktop.
i just beasted that trampoline and now I have nig foot.
by fkgjkfsdjgkljf September 14, 2009
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