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When someone goes to an used car dealership with a car to trade in, and ends up buying the same car back they had before at a marked up price.
Guy: I like this car, it looks just like my old one.
Salesman: With your trade in, you can have it for just $2,000.

Guy: I'll take it. (Salesman thinks to himself "Thats the same car he drove here in, thats one hell of a Nigerian buy back.)
by wesje November 20, 2009
A rare experience that only occurs once in a great lifetime. Between a salesman and his prey.

When a guy takes a customers trade in, then 20 minutes later sell it right back to said customer at a mark-up.
Tim: Look at my new car!
Jay: Isn't that your old car?
Tim: No.. this one cost 3,000 more!
Jay: No I'm pretty sure that's the same fucking hyundai...
Tim: wha... Son of a B!tch the old Nigerian Buy-Back!!!
Jay: You're a retard.
by Trebor Sivad February 16, 2011
when one person buys an item and then resells the item back to the original seller at an inflated price within 24 hours
salesman #1: "did you see that..?"
salesman #2: "no, what happened?"
salesman #1: "that guy just sold us his car for $4,000 and i just sold it back to him for $6,000.. haha"
salesman #2: "nice nigerian buy-back.. classic!!"
by Jay2kay November 22, 2009
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