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A dark skinned humanoid whom are often found in dark allies usually carrying coconuts and knives. Often this breed sleeps until mid to late day and has the prime motivation of obtaining smack. Common phrases attributed to this type include "Is you gotsa Newport," "Finger Lickin' Good," and "Fuck the white devil." Before the era in which they all became smack addicts, they were humbled clean servants, free of any drug oppression and signin' in the fields like crickets keeping you awake at night. The younger of the breed, referred to as niglets, are often found crying out behind the woodpile. Common offending terms to this odd character include nigga, negro, coon, nig, porch monkey, bitch, african, niglet, cunt, nigger, spook, monday, jigaboo, monkey, darkie, jungle bunny, and shit stain. Hobbies include cotton picking, smack stealing, smack finding, smack ingesting, injecting, snorting, and hooping.
I don't think I need an example of a Nigerian Fuck, you've all seen one.
by Troy Clown Queer August 23, 2008

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