v. to act as a gurn would in any particular situation. the word nige adapts per situation and context, so can mean anything from stealing to playing basketball to being a smelly dumbass. Someone who niges can be called a Nigel or Niger.
You fucking niged that book off me the other day.

Look at you, just niging everyone.

You dumb fucking niger.

He niges like a pro.
by Jack Mehoff October 28, 2004
Top Definition
A persons unpopular alter-ego


Did you see how James was acting today, Totally Nige.

Hey dudes, did anyone else notice how he just completely Niged on us today?
by Bigbadmammajamma August 08, 2009
A mixture between a nigga and a gangster
Daym that black boy is a Ni-Ge for sure he is fly!
by J-Dogg 5000 May 11, 2006
A derogatory term for a black person
"Ha! Look at that complete Nige over there!"
by ObscurCadavre January 16, 2008
Another word for nigger (pronounced NYGE), you can use this word in the vicinity of african americans because they have yet to catch on to the word, as it is only used in suburban white america.
Jesse: damn, look at that fuckin nige over there, stealing from that guys car

Max: damn, niges are really starting to ruin this city

Jesse: sigh...
by N3ro December 28, 2005
Slang for cocaine. Used as an alternative to the better known "Charlie" or "Charles". Term originated in the mid 2000's in London. Now used (rarely) in Australia.
"Jesus I wish Nige was here tonight".

"Are we going to invite Nige to the party?"

"She loves Nige".
by bigmansclub September 24, 2008
same meaning to steal
Let's go nige something today.
by Victor March 07, 2004
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