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A nick-name given to an African American to another African American.
Alternately a fake yet commonly used African American name that is given from one Caucasian to another.
John-John: Sup M-dog.
Marquis: Not much Double J.
John-John: That Nig-Name is off da chain.
Marquis: I hear ya, dog.

Samantha: What up, girl?
Shirley: Did you say what up?
Samantha: Yeah, whats wrong?
Shirley: Nothing Shanaynay.
by The Word Vizard May 28, 2009
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A nigname (also spelled "nig name," "nig-name") is a name given by replacing the first letter or syllable of one's name with an "N," thus spelling out "nig."
"I just went to the Pokemon nicknamer in Saffron city and renamed my Jigglypuff into Niggleypuff!"

"Nice nigname yo!"
by The Pokemon Nignamer September 23, 2009
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