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A derogatory name for black people; nigger.
Yo man you see what that nig nog just did?
by Tex052842 July 27, 2008
24 39
Terry Hayes, ie a silly fella. Noah Myers is also acceptable.
Hey fellas, look at that nig nog.
by CorporalNigNog June 06, 2009
6 22
A frothy drink made during the holiday season from cream or milk, chocolate syrup, egg yolks, and flavoring such as rum or brandy traditionally enjoyed by members of the African American Culture

"Gee Wiz Shoniqua, this Christmas dinner just got a lot better when you showed up with the Nig Nog!!!"
by Lynsta June 21, 2007
82 98
A 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor. The negro version of egg nog. Also referred to as "nog."
-I'm going to go get some nog at the store.
by racoon wallace February 01, 2005
106 129
A term of endearment or greeting used warmly by two friends being careful around PC people who dislike the "N" word.
My best friend, my "Nig-nog" is coming over.
by LeopoldStotch911$$ December 27, 2009
37 64
name used for beautiful black women, and sometimes on occasion white women.
Kaitlyn is such a nig nog.


LaFonda is such a nig nog.
by LowGannnn January 29, 2009
6 33
a lactose intolerant blackbear on the eve of christmas
the milky sunset melted along the high risen Colorado blue spruce pines when a bouldering ruckus rattled the leaves and clobbered the brush. A sneak and a peak and an eye widening stare the two froze in silence and out came the bear. Why buddy its hairy and it stands on all fours, "ah fuckut i'll shootem that nignogs lactose intolerant and its christmas eve!"
by Sin to win September 01, 2007
7 34