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Holiday Grape Drink

Grape flavoring powder
Whole milk
Orange Fruitopia (optional)
Residency in public housing
Uncertainty of paternal lineage
Welfare dependency (also optional)
Susceptibility to AIDS and Cycle Cell Anemia
Yo, pass me suma dat nignog, mayn!
Happy holidays! Gimme some nignog and a white bitch!
Which wunna you fools dun drankt up all ma nignog?!
by Lazy Black Man January 13, 2010
28 19
A drink consisting of fried chicken, grape soda, and watermelon to be drank around the holiday season, but only by blacks.
Tyrese: Yo, Monique you got your famous nignog made yet.

Monique: Ya nigga, just hold on I'll get you a glass.
by cowpunch09 December 22, 2009
32 23
Contrary to popular belief, nignog is actually slang for "black cum."
Masturbator #1: Brah, you see all that nignog that bro laid?
Masturbator #2: No, sorry. Not into watching that black porno.
Masturbator #1: Faggot, wanna fight?
Masturbator #2: Nah let me cum first.
Masturbator #1: Werd.
by YapmelkXela November 28, 2009
40 32
A drink made during the holiday seasons, stereotypically by African Americans. It consists of either grape soda or koolaid mixed with Egg Nog.
by Mr. Bagribbles November 28, 2009
114 110
NIGNOGG, also NIG NOG is a mix of hennessy and egg nogg.
Hey bruva, go ahead and mix me up some of that Nig Nog.
by T.J. Dubz December 17, 2008
62 58
a less derogatory term for a nigger, sometimes used by white people who do not actually hate niggers, but don't necessarily consider them equals.
Father: Where is Michael?

Mother: Hanging out with those nig nogs again.
by BillyBarf June 02, 2013
5 2
Nig Nog (níg nóg) n. :

A beverage or "drank" consumed for Kwanzaa and Afro-American occasions and festivities.

The concoction consists of the following ingredients:

- 1 part purple drank


- 1 part traditional eggnog

Pour equal amounts of purple drank and eggnog together in a suitable vessel, such as a 16 oz. glass or sports bottle.

Swirl or stir gently.

"Yo man, I can't wait to get to the party and dip into some nig nog!"

In song (sometimes while preparing): "Nig nog... a nig nig nog."

"NIG NOG!!! I love this drank!"
by Steventon May 07, 2010
22 19