A drink usually drank around Christmas time. Its made by mixing a brick of cocaine into a 5 gallon bucket of water with a half gallon of whole milk.
Pass that nignog here mother fucker.
by Rok paypuh sizzuhz July 10, 2008
The new Christmas drink at the Whitehouse. (Or now known as the Brownhouse.) This tasty concoction is a mix of Bacardi Grand Melon and cranberry juice. Also known as Wendy's Melons.
Me Obama like 'em to drink me the tastee nignog watermelon hooch out of a bottle in a paper bag. Dem I chase it with some dat Colt 45 and slap that white trick bitch ass ho Hillary in her big badonkadonk.
by Drunk Kennedy December 11, 2008
your average niggers who walk around with dey slang blades slashing people; black man who has 32984723984 kids and dosn't take care/pay for any of them; a black women who's been on maury more like 5 times trying to find her baby's daddy; a teenage black girl who gets all up in your face/buisness, when they had nothing to do with the coversation, or who jumps into random fights with people they dont even know; teenage black boy who thinks he's a gangster and tries to walk it out.
every black person you know.

"ew, did you see that nignog??"
"yeah, she needs to fix up that weave yo."
by aay dee and jay cee March 26, 2007
What the beloved "Queen Mum", (The Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon), who was Queen Elizabeth's mother, called black people.
"Nig nogs can't run their own nations. It's simply an impossiblity."
by Nancy I. May 03, 2007
a black; any human with BLACK skin; a blackie; a nigger
Dremonte: Excuse me, Willis, are you a uhhhhh ya know, a black?
Willis: Yes, Dremonte, I am a nig nog. **pow pow**

R.I.P. Dremonte Williams 08
by IamDaryl April 18, 2010
A derogatory term for a person of black african decent. Someone who has nappy hair black, Mexican, Asian, or white. Derived from the words nigger and nogin. Adjective or noun
Hey those fucking nignog kids stole my kids bike for the tenth time this week.
by Big Ben 79 October 22, 2005
This phrase has absolutely _no_ racial dimension, despite appearances. It is a Northern British (e.g. Yorkshire) term referring to a silly person. It does not derive from nigger and should not be considered racist at all.
Tha cawn't even spell thi own name -th'art a bluddy nig-nog
by Christopher P Martin June 19, 2006
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