One of your "homies" who isn't smart
hey nig nog, heard you flunked kindergarten.
by OC stack a DollaA May 09, 2006
Someone who deserves a title you really just can't explain.
Reuben you such a Nig-Nog. Mister Rogers...what a Nig-Nog.
by Sto March 02, 2005
The KKK festive holiday beverage.
Klansman 1: "Hey Grandmaster, can you pass the nig nog, I'm thirsty!"
by Black V December 15, 2007
When you mix Eggnog with any sort of liquor, more often cheap liquor, usually occuring a distance from christmas.
Jack gave jill nignog till she was drunk enough to be hot and bothered by a simple kiss on the neck.
by Su-Spense June 01, 2006
Another word for the male penis.
Get yo' nignog outta my face!
by SimonTW February 20, 2007
A word to only b used by Andy, Bryce, and Kyle.
U can't use the word Nig-Nog
by The namiest name ever May 15, 2008
means sumbody rly stupid wif no common sense wot so eva reminds me of rosie and jim the cartoon lol
shut up man ur such a nig nog lol
by lisa marley April 18, 2005

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