A word invented by Idaho skinheads as a racial slur against blacks. Not funny or witty except among skinheads up North.

Rarely if ever used in the South, where the blacks actually live. Down there the popular insults are coon, nigger, jigaboo or porch monkey.

Skinhead: "Oi, mate. Them bloody nig nogs were listening to there raga music again."

White Southerner: ????
by Angus MacKenzie October 06, 2007
nig-nog, cockney rhyming slang for wog
look, theres a nig-nog
by christu October 08, 2006
Your best friend, someone who is like a brother/sister to you. It's derived from the word nigger.
"Hey dude"
"Yo whatsup ma' nig-nog?"
by khubaj September 16, 2009
when a white male bangs a black female.
"wow, that cracka just nig-noged a sister"
by JumpDaGun April 05, 2006
1. A worthless piece of garbage who likes to act like a nigger! 2. A white worthless piece of garbage who acts like a nigger ! 3. Any person thats not from our country (U.S.A.)
that acts like a nigger!
Did you see that nig-nog hit on that white chick !!!!!
by lil person November 17, 2009
a great big black person with a small dong
you silly nig nog, have a knob job
by nipple meister July 17, 2006
The KKK festive holiday beverage.
Klansman 1: "Hey Grandmaster, can you pass the nig nog, I'm thirsty!"
by Black V December 15, 2007

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