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when a white male bangs a black female.
"wow, that cracka just nig-noged a sister"
by JumpDaGun April 05, 2006
nig-nog, cockney rhyming slang for wog
look, theres a nig-nog
by christu October 08, 2006
1. A worthless piece of garbage who likes to act like a nigger! 2. A white worthless piece of garbage who acts like a nigger ! 3. Any person thats not from our country (U.S.A.)
that acts like a nigger!
Did you see that nig-nog hit on that white chick !!!!!
by lil person November 17, 2009
Your best friend, someone who is like a brother/sister to you. It's derived from the word nigger.
"Hey dude"
"Yo whatsup ma' nig-nog?"
by khubaj September 16, 2009
a great big black person with a small dong
you silly nig nog, have a knob job
by nipple meister July 17, 2006
The KKK festive holiday beverage.
Klansman 1: "Hey Grandmaster, can you pass the nig nog, I'm thirsty!"
by Black V December 15, 2007
One of your "homies" who isn't smart
hey nig nog, heard you flunked kindergarten.
by OC stack a DollaA May 09, 2006