NIGNOGG, also NIG NOG is a mix of hennessy and egg nogg.
Hey bruva, go ahead and mix me up some of that Nig Nog.
by T.J. Dubz December 17, 2008
A black person who hasn't paid their taxes for multiple years.
Alpha 1 9er, this is Bravo 6, we have multiple nig-nogs inbound, requesting the IRS, over. Nig-nog
by Poopnugget1234567657433 November 13, 2011
Grape juice, garnished with an entire watermelon. Usually drunk as a celebratory beverage during the holidays, by African-Americans.
Cory: "Ay DeShawn! You gots any o' da stuff?"
DeShawn: "Oh, you mean nig nog? Yeah, I gots da stuff!"
by fourfinger5s February 04, 2015
Noun (nigg-nawg). A term that can be used as a term to describe someone who is or has acted incompetent, dumb, annoying, rude, or just sucks in general
Dude...this mother fuckin nignog straight up threw my microwave out my old aptaetment window, and broke it, when I was moving into my new place. You gotta use the oven bro, sorry
by Coolcandy September 04, 2014
1.) An individual that is a nig, who also nogs.

2.) A swagalicious big lipped muthafuckin brutha of nigga.

3.) One that eats watermelons.
Yo what's up nig nog!?
Nothin much you honkey ass muthafuckin turkey.

That lazy nig nog.
by pepsidrinkinmuthafucka October 04, 2013
the type of person that just kind of shows up to a place where he is not wanted, similar to a token negro but he/she can be white.
matt vlahos is a nignog.
by catniponmytits December 22, 2011
an epic drink made from mixing cheap beer, eggnog, and chocolate mix. gets its name from the eggnog and black people-colored powder mixed into it. commenly found in the homes of adolescents in new england
noah: dude i totally invented a new drink
sam: what is it?
noah: Nig Nog, of course
by nigger on a horse May 26, 2010
Describing an African American, Afro-American (or other applicable race) who always has to be the Number One Guy on the field.
Also used as a connotation to describe chocolate eggnog.
John: "Michael Vick is such a nignog, he always had to be number one on the field."
Mark: "Well he'll be gettin lots of number two in prison."
by Fred Starling February 08, 2008

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