1. Describing an old african american
2. Derogitory term describing and old person
fucking nigbags dont know how to drive.
by dude March 20, 2005
Top Definition
1. Any article of concealment used by criminals of an african american discent. The shapes and sizes vary greatly and may be used for the concealment of purchased and stolen goods.

i.e. a paper bag used to conceal a 40 ounce, or a duffle bag used to hide food stolen from a local convenience store.

2. (Derrogatory) Any person who exemplifies stereotypical african american behavior.

3. A completely useless piece of old luggage. Much like many words in the English language which are assembled by using the prefix "nig", this item is also completely useless.

1. "I know he stole it, its in his nig bag"
2. "Kyle is such a Nig Bag, especially after he died his hair to look like dennis rodman in his prime"
3. "Just throw it in the trash, I don't have use for this Nig bag anymore"
by JTAD June 25, 2007
word that describes an old African American
That nigbag took my Caddy!
by dude March 20, 2005
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