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A marijuana nugget so poor in quality that it could only be considered smoke-able by an African American.
Damn Josh, please say you didn't pay money for that nignug!?!
by W.T.Snacks December 03, 2008
Another word for a black midget, short for "Nigger Nugget"
Guy 1: Look, its a black midget!
Guy 2: Naw that's a Nig Nug
by los testiculos April 13, 2008
A black midget with no arms or legs. Comes from the combination of nugget (a person with no arms or legs) and a niglet (a black midget or baby).

Also known as the most unfortunate creature in existence.
As the nignug flopped on the ground, trying to live a normal life, he pondered to himself, "What did I do to deserve this?"
by reptilianearlobe April 18, 2010
Racial term used for a lazy/fat black person; male or female.
R: Hey guys look it's a nignug sitting out on the porch!
Matt: You racist bastard! it's a monkey.
Chris: Yeah, probalby not.
Matt&Chris: You racist fuck!
R: Not me.
by ZC June 03, 2004
A silly way of saying "Nigger."
"You're such a nig nug."
by NigNug September 09, 2005
nig nug-derogatory term for someone acting a nigger, just a lot more niggerish.
"Hey dude, that sorry old nig nug has dingleberries in his hair!" OR "Man, you are being such a nig nug right now"
by Michael February 14, 2005
A variable word.
Part of speech:noun, adjective, verb, adverb
Dont be such a nig-nug
Pass the nig-nugs
That ride was hella nig-nugs
Check out that nig-nug!

by Brendon Carol June 24, 2008