Companion. No at all relation to the offensive word "nigger". warm embrace of love.
"love ya nigs"
"Peace out nigs!"
by Shannybear37 December 03, 2005
Another word for cigerette
"dude I want a fucking nig"
by Dineen July 20, 2006
when something goes wrong and something happens thats weird or crazy.
"i cant get into my apartment, nigs"
by zander0044 October 10, 2007
Nig can mean anything. Widely started to be used on

Mostly used by the starter (Sugai)

Ask him about it. he's a lil nig to.

Not used in any offensive way unless intended too. Commonly thought to be a short word for Nigger. This is incorrect!
What the hell is this nig up to.
by Sugai February 11, 2005
a 5 dollar bag of weed
let me get two nigs to make a ten
by casandra moore January 25, 2005

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