a unit of time that is equal to 444 seconds or 4 minutes and 44 seconds. Related to the propper length of the song "Big Pimpin'" by the artist Jay-Z.
Refers of a point of time that occurs twice a day civilian time-- 4:44= "nig o'clock"
Also may replace any noun or verb.
"Yo, thats gonna take me 8 min and 88 sec to finnish" = "Yo, thats gonna take me 2 nigs to finish"
Also may replace any noun:
"yo, you changed your hair today!" = "yo, you changed yor nig today!"
is used less commonly as a verb:
"Dude, let's conquer that shit!" = "Dude, let's nig that shit!"
by Steven Shaquim August 21, 2007
Noun standing for "Noob in Game" typically refering to an online gamer who has no clue, and can even be applied to games outside of the internet, such as sports.
"This Nig tried to attack me, and I wasted him with two punches."

"Did you see that worthless Nig miss that layup?"

"F-ing Nigs ruin everything!"
by American Terminologist May 21, 2009
a northen indiana gamer
wile in the act of gaming a nig would be a nigger
p1 hey im a gamer
p2 no your a nig its funnier
by zero2010 July 10, 2008
nig- to be shady in different areas. you can to this by smoking black in milds or leaning your seat so far back nobody can see you while driving
to walk around in very shady ways in areas with many rich people
to dress very preppy and then go drive through projects in a very expensive car with mix-tapes playing very loudly.
ex. "Im gonna go nig around with my friends mom and dad"
ex. "Yes I love to nig around quiet often with my brosephs in their 09 tahoes."
by Sublimin G February 16, 2009
Derogatory Term used by half-black people to describe other black people. They use the word Nig rather than Nigger due to the fact that they are not fully black and would get their asses kicked for using the full word.
Halfrican-american: Yo Nigger Whats up?

African-american: No dude you can't say that shit. you want your ass kicked?

Halfrican-American: Oh sorry.... "NIG"!!!

(halfricanamerican getting ass kicked anyway!)
by Herbert The Hobo December 19, 2007
- to be royally screwed in a situation

- to nig out - means to chill with group of friends and do jack shizzle (note, in the presence of alcohal this becomes a crunk out)
How'd the game go?

We got nigged by a half court shot at the buzzer.

What did you do this weekend?

We just nigged out.
by TheDizzle February 28, 2005
In ping pong, table tennis

Any time in which the ping pong ball hits the edge of the table or net. This will usually result in a point for the player who hit the ball.
Ex. 1
As 'Joe' hits the ball to his fellow opponent's side and it hits the edge of the table and bounces sideways off to an unplayable position.

Fellow opponent: "Aw man, I hate nigs!"
Joe: "Yeah, I got lucky with that one"

Ex. 2
Joe hits the ball on the top of the net and it drops straight down and bounces twice onto the opponent's side.

Opponent: "That's a net nig if I ever saw one"
Joe: "Yeah, I've been getting nigs all night."
by paperfone September 17, 2008

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