NIG = if pronounced as lowercase letters, it gives the word nigger=]
NIG is also a shortened term of nigger=]
nig = n i g e r
Damn that nig stole my yoshi =D
by Alex mezza January 06, 2008
a word, commonly used by awkward children, to express strong emotions; the term is frequently used in the scenario of seeing someone else caught in an unfortunate situation; again, a favorite of fantastically awk kids
Upon seeing a deadly car crash, "NIGGGGGED"!!!
by B. Mooney March 24, 2007
shortened form of Nigger, an offensive term for a blackperson or a term of endearment for a black person, depending on the context or race of speaker.
whuzzup ma nig!
What is going on my african brother.

oh shit! 5-0! run nig!
by StabbyMcphearson December 12, 2005
A black man with a white penis or a white man with a black penis.
Guy 1: You're a nig.
Guy 2: Sound Like Cool.
by sound like cool. January 07, 2012
Nig is just a shoter version of nigga.
Wats good my nig. Nuthin jus chylln. Note: White people still cannot say this around black people becuase its still just like sayin nigga. (Still can trashed for sayin "my nig"
by Pooky the crack head October 25, 2005
a short version of "nigga" used in urban areas to refer to a friend, usually black.
Hey nig, what's good?!
by sportzgremlin September 06, 2009
another word for cig as in cigarette
me: hey gimme a nig
Lea: hell no im too greedy, you cant have one
by adam3036 November 10, 2008

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