To rip someone off, particularly during the purchase of drugs (usually marijuana) from a friend or dealer.
Buyer: "Dude, there's no way this bag is a whole ounce."
Dealer: "Sorry, man... I didn't mean to nig you like that."
by Jonas094 November 18, 2005
To ignore or show lack of interest in

nigged : past tense of nigging
p1. "We're you nigging me last night?
p2. "Yea you were being a douche"
by sadiethedog March 27, 2015
While smoking weed with frineds, usaully a blunt or joint, you say "don't nig it, which basically means, dont get the end wet and soggy from your saliva.
(Passing blunt around) O.K. now frank, dont nig it this time!!

FRANK: ok, ill try haha
by zzddevilzz February 09, 2011
A term used for the shortened term "nigger". However, some teenagers and young adults may refer to each other as there "nigga" or "nig".
It's not his fault he's a nig.
Yo what's up ma nig?
by The Janator October 17, 2010
The racist word for a black/African American person, shorten and reused to say hey or so. Often used on others then strictly African American.
What up nig?

How you doing my nig?

I be yo nig baby.
by Urban Prince July 30, 2010
Is a very annoying person that you just want to punch square in the face.
by Bringing Sexy Back in Iowa March 23, 2010
A light skinned, big nosed, fat cunt, monkey looking hoe.
Hey, Ben, look at that nig over there! She's a fox!
by kaleighjackson January 18, 2008

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