The act of stealing something. The word comes from the word nigger and is often associated with the black community.
"I just saw carl nig two watermelons and a fried chicken."
by Betterthanallofyou February 07, 2013
Not to be confused with its parent word(nigger). Nig is actually a term used to signal a friend or acquittance. It is not meant to be derogatory of blacks and Negroes at all. It is a word of friendship and love and should only be used when talking to someone you truly care about. Also small attachments can be made to the end of the word such as niglet or nigasaurus. It is one of the most flexible words in the urban dictionary language.
"Hey whats up nig"-bro one
"Nothing much dude"bro two

"HEY NIGARIANA"-guy friend
"Hey nigster"-girl friend
by Bradymyers1 May 07, 2010
The racist word for a black/African American person, shorten and reused to say hey or so. Often used on others then strictly African American.
What up nig?

How you doing my nig?

I be yo nig baby.
by Urban Prince July 30, 2010
Verb; To nig,
The act of suicide bombing in an online multiplayer shoot 'em up
"Man that dude just nigged me"
"Fuck! That suicide bombing nigger just blew up"
by high chief nig September 11, 2008
1: derived from the word nigger. an awesomely derogative word toward black people.

2: a friend.
1: look at that fuckin nig acting like a, well, a typical nigger.

2: Yo nig, you tryin to chill tonight?
by vivalablink92 August 28, 2008
a word used to describe a person who is only half black. Derived from the term "nigger," however only half.
Robert's mom is white, but his dad is black. What a nig.
by Devlin Claro March 21, 2008
white people say it when they are afriad to say nigga
sup nig how u doin.
shit nig im fucked up right now
by bobbbbbi November 28, 2007

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