word used to describe unreal black athletes, or dumb fucking black idiots (said after statement is made)
damn d-wade just balled tonight, nigsssss

what is wrong with these idiots, nigsssss
by ejz August 23, 2006
Nig is a VERY special word: it can be an abbreviation for "Nigga" because you can't type it in some games such as GAY BOUND, it can be ANY TYPE OF speech except maybe conjunctions/prepositions/articles, and you use it when you "own" some one; commonly known as NIG'D.
Noun: SUP NIG!
Verb: Let's NIG!
Adjective: YOU NIGGING NUB!!!1
Abverb: I pwned him NIGLY.

Example of a conversation:
Layne: SUP NIG!1
Layne: WANNA GB?
KenG: NIG!!1
KenG: NIG!!!1
Layne: LOL FTW.

That was genius.
by KenG June 29, 2006

Usage - To nig

1) To borrow without the intention of returning

2) To act niggardly in general. (More commonly known as "nigging around")

3) To "jokingly" steal, then actually steal it because you're a nig
1) Jerome came ovah to muh crib and be like "Ey Tyrone lemme getcho lawn mowah real quick doe, I need tuh shave." I let him borrow it and I haven't heard from him sense. Clearly, he nigged my lawnmower.

2) My cousin asked if he could wear my new Nikes this summer because they looked fresh as shit with his clothes. I never saw those shoes again, and every time I asked, he changed the subject. He nigged my shoes.
by SomeNigger February 05, 2013
To have an mishap pertaining to one being put into a unfortunate situation.
1. When we went down to the shore, Sheronda nigged me out of 45 bucks.

2. On the drive home, I had the feeling I was being nigged.

3. Kev- Hey, Joey, can I bum a cig?
Joey- No!
Kev- Are you niggin me?

4. I got nigged.
by Joseph Cosello June 08, 2005
Nig is the fifth level on the scale of blackness, which defines a sort of neutrality between being black and white. They are the offspring of a black parent and a white parent.

The scale of blackness goes in order as follows:
Basement Dweller, White Trash, White, Cracker, Nig, Sweet-Grass Basket Maker, Black, Nigger.
Nigs are also known as: mulatto, Blackrican-American, whack, or, a half-assed nigger.

"That kid's sure lucky he's a nig, or I'd beat his ass for saying nigger." (Couldn't come up with a better example, sorry).
by ncstatemike April 09, 2012
1. To steal, or to take without express permission

2. To burglarize a particular person
Example case 1: That nigger nigged my fucking pencil.

Example Case 2: I'm going to nig that nigging nigger
by Kainnon August 13, 2011
The act of stealing something. The word comes from the word nigger and is often associated with the black community.
"I just saw carl nig two watermelons and a fried chicken."
by Betterthanallofyou February 07, 2013

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