it iz da plural of nigga.
hey look at dem nigs.
by beep March 25, 2005
1. Verb- to take something without ever intending to return.

2. Verb- also meaning to borrow.

Derived from nigger or one who steals things.
Yo bro, lemme nig a g off of you, I hooked you up last time.

A yo, lemme nig that pencil right quick.
by RTini January 02, 2010
A term of endearment used amongst friends, typically African-American people or those couple of fucked-up white dudes that think they're pretty badass.
1. Sup, nigs? (Black)

2. Hello, nigs, let us go to the grocery store and buy us a couple of bottles of that fizzy water. (White)
by doroga287 December 01, 2006
Originally meaning "Not In Goals", NIGS has now come to mean disclaiming responsibility for doing anything. It is used usually when stoned and not arsed doing something.
Mild laziness -
"Somebody fix the music! More music!"

More serious laziness -
"Shit, look, he's overdosing! Somebody ring an ambulance!"
by kopf April 04, 2004
Derived form the word nigger.
I'm a raceist and use the word "nigs" to decribe black people in a derogatory manor.
by Pat January 23, 2005
Though i've only heard this used in parts of Dublin, Ireland, it may be used elsewhere too.

This word is derived from the Acronym. N.I.G(s). which stands for Not In Goal(s).

Basically, when you go to play football casually with friends, and there's no outright goalkeeper among you, no one ever wants to be in net. outfield players, naturally, want to play outfield. So, this game developed to decide who would be the first to go in net on any particular day.

It works like this. Once you are in view of the goalposts, and you think of it, you may proclaim ' NIGS!! '. the last person in the group to hear you and do likewise is the first person to go in net.

Having forgotten that the word 'nigs' stood for an acronym, or that the game had a very specific setting, many people just started using nigs for everything.

If someone asks a group of people to do something, one of them may simply shout 'nigs' and the last person to do likewise is usually pressured into doing whatever it is.

synonyms: not it

Autonyms: bagsy, dibs, shotgun
1) * friends approach a football pitch *

Paul: " So i was talking to Ed the other day, i think - "

* they turn the corner *

Nial: NIGS!!

Neil: nigs
Conor: nigs

Paul: nigs
David: .... Nigs!
* david is now first in net*

2) * later in the day, they're still playing *

Paul: " I bought drinks yesterday... which of you guys is running to the shop? "

Nial: nigs

Neil: nigs!

Conor: Nigsy!

David: ..... niiigs!!

* David must now go to the shop *
by paulred2 October 05, 2009
Sadly, the name of my black cat. That poor cat.
My friend: Um...why is your cat's name Nigs?
Me: Shut up, Dude. We adopted her.
by Mycatsnameisnigsimsosaddude September 29, 2008

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