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a less derogatory term for a nigger, sometimes used by white people who do not actually hate niggers, but don't necessarily consider them equals.
Father: Where is Michael?

Mother: Hanging out with those nig nogs again.
by BillyBarf June 02, 2013
3 1
A drink blacks love around Christmas according to one of my friends Darrell. Made with half watermelon drink and half vodka = Nig Nog
Hey brah hood me up with some nig nog
by Bust At Em December 20, 2010
17 15
A mixture of eggnog and coedine, a favorite in the black community around the holidays
Yo Jamal, pass me the nig-nog
by Joey bats December 23, 2013
1 0
A way of storing various drugs in plastic bags. Where the drugs are placed in one corner of the plastic bag, knotted and then the excess bag is sometimes cut, burned, or torn off. The advantage of performing this action is the increased distance obtained when throwing the bag in sticky situations. As well as being able to swallow your drugs easier and more comfortably when approached by the fuzz. They are also great for outdoor exchanges with easily masked hand offs through handshakes and car to car deals.
This term is derived from lower class African American drug dealers who are believed to have first performed this action and/or commonly do so.
"Motherfucker put this shit in a nignog again!"

"I can't get the knot off this fucking nignog, yo!"

"Everytime I come around the city..nignogs!"

"I can't get my crack out this nig fucking nog!"
by HamptonVA757 February 04, 2010
9 8
A combination of egg nog and malt liquor. Almost always preferred over regular egg nog by black people. Malt liquor can be substituted for Colt 45, as it is still liquor, but not as popular. Also a derogatory term for blacks.

"Ima get me summmadat der egg nog and mixxit wiff malt likkerz. Gunna be sum good nignog, dats fo sho!"
by gretto March 30, 2008
25 24
1.) An individual that is a nig, who also nogs.

2.) A swagalicious big lipped muthafuckin brutha of nigga.

3.) One that eats watermelons.
Yo what's up nig nog!?
Nothin much you honkey ass muthafuckin turkey.

That lazy nig nog.
by pepsidrinkinmuthafucka October 04, 2013
0 0
A black person who hasn't paid their taxes for multiple years.
Alpha 1 9er, this is Bravo 6, we have multiple nig-nogs inbound, requesting the IRS, over. Nig-nog
by Poopnugget1234567657433 November 13, 2011
49 49