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A movement that seeks to live by the philosophy of Nietzsche and make his concept of the superman a reality.

They consider themselves above everything. They are above the slave morality of the masses. If they want anything they believe they should just go and take it. They are above God because God is dead.

They are above pain and death. They seek world domination when they see that they are stronger then all others and it is the logical thing to do.

They are masters of martial arts. And seek to develop there I.Q. above that of ordinary humans and it develop superhuman strength and undergo training to develop there psychic abilities.

They form themselves into the Nietzschian party, and they have an outer party and an inner party. To become a member of them inner party a member must pass all the tests and then fight and win over selected members of the inner party.

A races can join because race is only a matter of skin and hair ect., what really maters is if you have a soul of steel.

They have a solute which is done by placing the fist of the right hand against the open palm of the left hand with some force.

They ware a pony tail that they hide a strand razor wire in to strangle people with.

They are sometime called the jack boots because they often ware them.
He's in the nietzschian movement.
by Judge dredd7 May 25, 2011
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