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Someone of immense talent, intellect, and divinity.

Someone who has a beauty that is incomparable to that of anyone else.

Someone who has a massive warming heart, and the ability the make you forget the world and all it's troubles just by simply hugging and kissing you.

When searching for a 'Nienke' you might want to look in the most random places, such as: chip shops, or pubs. But the sacrificed pride or entering the most dingy of pubs will result in a 'Nienke' brightening up the entire room, making it look bearable.


Upon finding a 'Nienke' you might find yourself walking down a canal at one in the morning, just dying inside to kiss her.
That girl is so amazing she's 'Nienke'.
#gorgeous #lovely #amazing #wonderful #talented #funny #witty
by What's my pseudonym? February 05, 2010
A word used for something being considered awesome, cool, or anything postitive. It is also used to describe something that nobody understands or something random.
"Wow that kid over there is so Nienke!"
"Thats so wierd and Nienke."
#ninky #mienke #ninke #adam #nenke
by nienkelad September 07, 2009
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