a pig (derived from pig latin)
look at how that girl eats, she's such a nidhi
by ak March 29, 2005
the epitome of glamour; a true rare TREASURE to the world; symbolizing perfection
Britney Spears is such a Nidhi- wanna be
by gyrl March 20, 2004
In Indian mythodolgy Nidhi means Treasure!! and is usually a name of a girl.

This word is also used in Indian prayers (hanuman chalisa)
Teacher: Do u know what is the meaning of your name nidhi!!
Student: it mena khazana, meaning treasure!!
Teacher: Right!!
by naina May 05, 2005
A cool, intelligent, tall, awesome person.
*Nidhi* a great friend
by Clara KS December 14, 2004
Nidhi means a cool, funny, loving gal. She is very feisty and kind. Watch out for any Nidhis coming your way.
If your at a party, a Nidhi person is the one you will have the most fun with.
by Da Gal December 03, 2006
pretty much the most amazing person to walk the planet.
Girl: oh my god! look at her! she's a total Nidhi
by awwyeah123 January 23, 2010
Sensuality defined explicitly.

Also, bah sounds at random times make a nidhi.
- Oh, but scientists dont know aesthetics. That piece of art is so nidhi!

- He sulks so much. I bet he does a nidhi all the time.
by fundooz June 08, 2006
Extremly annoying son of a bitch

Seeks attention
Not trustworthy
She is a Nidhi
by Bob12345123123 April 14, 2013

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