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A cocktail of illegal and legal drugs mixed together.

Mixture of dolls.

A buffet of uppers and downers. Watch The Basketball Diaries movie with Leonardo Dicaprio or Scarface with Al Pacino.

Prescription diet medication that suppresses appetite and also has a kick of speed in it. See Duromine.

The act of popping pills like tic-tacs and using them for food intake.

The opposite of Kirstie Alley. See Kirstie Alley Syndrome

The act of one continuous drug run. See Diet Junkie or Diet Nazi.
"Sharon are you on the Nicole Richie Diet or what?"

"No Misha I swear girlfriend I'm not!"

"Well how'd you lose 20 kilos in one week bitch?"

"Sheila looks like she's the walking dead!"
"Uhuh I know, she's on the Nicole Richie Diet!"
by The Moody Poet October 17, 2006
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