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When I girl hooks up with a guy while a party is going on in the other room.
Carli totally Nicki Minajed with Josh tonight...I walked in on them!
by Je veux te voir July 26, 2011
12 55
When you get a record contract by fellating the men who own the music industry.
Professor: "How did lady gaga, kesha and drake get famous?"

Students: "Buy sucking the dicks of music industry executives"

Professor: "Correct!! That is how these 'musicians' nicki minajed themselves"
by Nonetheless August 13, 2011
77 41
a verb explaining the act of having a specific tourette's syndrome-like outburst in a very formal setting, ie inside a house of worship, board meeting, library etc, where you yell out "Somebody please tell him(she or them are acceptable as well) who the f*** I is!"
When our unit's boss had another one of his boring monthly meetings today, I Nicki Minajed him!
by soccerphd December 07, 2011
26 12