When I girl hooks up with a guy while a party is going on in the other room.
Carli totally Nicki Minajed with Josh tonight...I walked in on them!
#nicki #minaj #nicki minajed #dorm #hooking-up
by Je veux te voir July 26, 2011
Top Definition
When you get a record contract by fellating the men who own the music industry.
Professor: "How did lady gaga, kesha and drake get famous?"

Students: "Buy sucking the dicks of music industry executives"

Professor: "Correct!! That is how these 'musicians' nicki minajed themselves"
#labia gogo #nickle massage #horrible music #ruined american music industry #keesha
by Nonetheless August 13, 2011
a verb explaining the act of having a specific tourette's syndrome-like outburst in a very formal setting, ie inside a house of worship, board meeting, library etc, where you yell out "Somebody please tell him(she or them are acceptable as well) who the f*** I is!"
When our unit's boss had another one of his boring monthly meetings today, I Nicki Minajed him!
#tourettes #tourettes syndrome #nicki minaj #tourettes bomb #nicki minaj-a-trois #manaj
by soccerphd December 07, 2011
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