A TV channel that started out humbly, with many live action shows. By the late 1990's, it was noted that the quality was quickly declining. Some guy brought Invader im to the network around early 2000 or late '99, but alas, like many good shows, it was canceled before it could finish. It also had SpongeBob, which was entertaining for a time, but gradually was dumbed down along with the rest of the network. Now has more music videos and commercials than Cartoon Network, and mostly live action shows. One good one was Drake and Josh, which ended up crashing and burning by the end of its run.
I have but one thing to say of Nickelodeon...

I am disappoint.....
by Darth Anonyseudonym January 02, 2010
Used to be the best childrens channel. Had classics like salute your shorts, ren and stimpy, Rocko's modern life, Are you afraid of the dark?, Hey Arnold!, Doug, etc. The All that and Keenan and Kel, The Amanda Show, Slime time live, and some other shows came along. Oh, and so did Spongebob. Then Zoey101, Ned's declassified schools survival guide, etc. came along. All of these shows were good at first, ESPECIALLY THE 90'S SHOWS, but then nickelodeon got ruined by pop culture which meant taking away the best shows of all. Now there's crappy shows like Victorious, Big time rush, icarly, etc. That's 2011 for ya.
90's kid: Damn i wish they brought back all those amazing nickelodeon shows!

Non 90's kid: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU'RE SO WRO-omg i gotta go catch the new episode of Big time rush!

90's kid: I hate you.
by a90skid July 11, 2011
A scheme for animated characters to take over the us government, by using little kids brain washed by the tv shows produced on this channel.
OH MY GOD!!!! Reptar just shot OBAMA!!!!!....Oh well........Nickelodeon!
by Big and tasty frugaler March 08, 2010
A kids channel that was pretty good and had great cartoons like old school spongebob, my life as a teenage robot, and fairly odd parents( I grew up in the early 2000s). It started going down the drain at about 2005-2007ish when teenick(basically a bunch of overrated sitcoms with terrible actors) created iCarly. That show somehow became really popular, and to this day, nickeloden is litteraly icarly and new spongebob 24/7. Spongebob has been around for more than 10 years, so of course it has run out of ideas for good ideas for shows. So now nickelodeon isnt even worth watching, thanks to icarly.
Little girl: did u see icarly last night!? I wanna be just like her!!! I lllooooove nickelodeon!!!

Me: whatevah you say.*turns on invader zim*
by rozithecoolone February 08, 2011
A channel that had great variety now fucked up by corporate greed and brainless kids tv executives that believe their audiences are nothing but braindead idiots

The channel is noted for doing bad shit like backstabbing Nelvana over Max & Ruby, screwing over The Legend of Korra and flooding their schedule with endless reruns of Spongebob Squarepants

You know Nickelodeon has fucked for these indications
- You know Nick fucked up when it's top 2 highest rated programs are the annual Kids Choice Awards and SpongeBob reruns
- You know Nick fucked up when the content on Smile of a Child and Sprout look more appealing than their garbage
- You know Nick fucked up when you noticed the UK does a better job with Kids TV than here in the USA
Kid: "Hey mom, Remember when Nickelodeon was awesome?"
Mother: "Yes, It was a time when i wasn't forced to drive myself to drink all because of all those airings of SpongeBob, Dora The Explorer and Bubble Guppies"
Dad: "Honey, did you say Bubble Guppies?"
Mother: "Yes dear!"
*Dad kills himself with gunshot to the head*
by Sgt. Bilby March 30, 2015
A suckish channel for children who never saw real TV. In the 80's and 90's, it consisted of outstanding and loved shows such as "Hey Dude", "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?", "Hey Arnold", "All That", "Kenan and Kel" and "Clarissa Explains it All" just to name a FEW. Today, they've created the shows that make us all puke such as "iCarly", "Big Time Rush", and "Spongebob Squarepants". They cancelled all TV shows that all the kids watched. Nick-Toons was the original old-school channel for Nickelodeon used for Teenage Robot and other old stuff. Today, it is puke-worthy "Dragon Ball" and "Avatar" and fukin sponsored show "Z Force" or whatever it's called. Recently this mindless channel made Teen Nick channel have old shows at midnight until 4 every night. As much as I appreciate it, it doesn't do good because I DON'T ENJOY GETTING NO SLEEP. There is also Nick Jr. which is sad because the shows are like "Bubble Guppies" and "Dora" come on I'm looking for like, Blue's clues or something! As you can see, Nickelodeon is a channel for people who suck and are under like 12 years old, never experiencing 90's nick. Know something? I'ma age 11 and well, I miss it too. I know ALL the shows, SAW THEM ALL as they always repeated in 2000-2001, and researched AND has a 17 year old sister, so I know 98% of what nick really was.

Kid: Did you see the new Victorious?

Me: No. Nickelodeon sucks
by Paper_Airplaner_5 December 27, 2011
the only good thing they ever did was angry beavers and they cancelled it.
Angry beavers is cool
by wow November 22, 2003
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