Use to have great shows when i was 4 years old. Rugrats was good for the first, second, and third season, but it later became gay and the rats didn't get into trouble. Also had shows like doug. Also when i was four the nick jr. has some kick tail shows like snoozles and the gnome show. I also liked the elephant show.
Skinamarinky-dinky-dink-Skinamarinky-doo-NICKELODEON is CRUD NOW. Although sponge bob is cool.
by August 24, 2003
A horrible channel that was pretty cool about 12-15 years ago. Good shows on nickelodeon: Salute Your Shorts (greatest TV show ever), Rocko's Modern Life, Doug, Clarissa Explains It All etc... Bad Shows: Anything and i mean anything they play now, especially Rugrats, Fairly Odd Parents and Spongebob. The only time I watch this channel now is Nick at Night when I watch Fresh Prince and Roseanne.
I can't believe how all out bad this channel has become, an ultimate sell-out channel just like MTV, VH1, etc.
by Jason February 20, 2005
A TV channel that reached its peak in the 90s with shows like Salute Your Shorts and Rocko's Modern Life. But in about 2000 they said "Let's cancel the good shows and make new shows so new kids can watch crap without knowing!" So they introduced crap like Fairly Odd Parents and the New All That and canceled all the great shows. But in 2001 Invader Zim came out. It was like the Second Coming but it was of course canceled. hen in about 2006 they went to the bottom of the Crap hole with "The Naked Brothers Band" but like all Nick shows it was canceled. Now there are stupid shows like "Back in the Barnyard" and "True Jackson VP". SpongeBob is good though.
7 year old kid watching back in the barnyard: "OMG!"

adult who grew up in 90s: "That sucks!"

7 year old: "no it doesn't"

adult: "here i have old nickelodeon tapes"

7 year old: "It's not called nick?"

adult: "no"

7 year old: "ok show me tapes"

kid after seeing tapes: "Nickelodeon sucks now!"

adult: "see i told ya"
by IAmNotSashaFierce March 22, 2010
A once respectable network now funneling in more crap than the Disney Channel
Mike: Do you wanna watch some Nickelodeon? I think iCarly is on.

Bill: I'd rather put meat hooks through my nostrils and attach them to a plane.
by it'sa me Mario! March 13, 2010
a discontinued children's programming channel. ran from who-knows-when to 2002.

not to be confused with Nick, its shitty replacement.
Nickelodeon died after they canceled Rugrats.
by ga lat dai July 21, 2008
An ex-good TV show network. Used to have good shows like Hey Arnold, All That, Kenan and Kel, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Clarissa Explains It All, ect, but now sucks with new crap shows such as Victorious (wtf?) iCarly (double-wtf?) and Kung Fu Panda (WTF?), ect. The only parts that are even halfway decent to watch is Nick@Nite, which just shows reruns of shows from MTV, TBS, or other shows they didn't create, or 90's Are All That, which shows reruns of Nickelodeon shows from the 90s, a.k.a it's FORMER (keyword FORMER) glory.
Stevette- Wtf iCarly is on again! It isn't even funny, if that was a real webshow nobody would watch them! Why are all these new Nickelodeon shows crap!

Charle Jame- Ikr! What happened to all the good shows like Kenan and Kel! It's like Nick got rid of all the good shows!

Stevette- I can't believe some people watch this shit! I'd would rather watch the DISNEY channel than this!

Charle Jame- So would I! Wow, if we would rather watch the Disney channel than this, then Nick must have gone seriously wrong somewhere!

Stevette- Totally, right! Let's swtich the channel!

Charle Jame- Lets! Oh, look, here's a good show on another channel!
by Nickelodeon Is Shit Nowadays January 12, 2012

Utter and complete shit.

They were fine for a while, when they played shows that actually were FUNNY.

Now it's Spongebob 24/7 with brief dashes of cheesy (also known as iCarly) every few hours. Add a few Victorious episodes, maybe a dash or two of gay teen singing really badly (Big Time Rush) and VIOLA! We have ourselves the mother of all shitty channels. (right after MTV)

It made a brief comeback with the strangely funny show Invader ZIM but, of course, it wasn't preppy (see teenybopper) enough, so they canceled it.
A few years back:

Me- *watching Nick and laughing hysterically*

And now:

Me- *watching Nickelodeon with an expression of dull boredom and shock* What the HELL am I watching? O_O;
by HaterOfViacom August 12, 2010

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