1. Originally, a smaller silent movie theater, often made out of an old converted storefront, which cost a five cents for admission. The literal definition of the word nickelodeon is "nickel theater", from "nickel" (a five cent piece), and "odeon" (the Greek word for theater).

2. A term applied to any American-made coin operated piano or orchestrion. This usage came about because many nickelodeon theatre owners who could not afford a live pianist or orchestra to accompany the film would buy a coin piano or orchestrion and turn it on and let it play all day, with the assumption that any music (even if it was not coordinated with what was going on on the screen) was better than no music at all! Later, special instruments such as the photoplayer and theatre organ were produced specifically to accompany silent movies, and these could be operated by a single person, either playing manually with the keyboards and controls, or using special "mood music" rolls they could coordinate with the action on the screen.

3. A TV channel for kids, with both animated and live-action shows, some of which are exclusive to that network. It has been around since about c.1990, and the quality and programming has been somewhat controversial.

4. A movie made in 1976 starring Ryan O'Neal and Burt Reynolds. It was directed by Peter Bogdanovich and tells the tale of a couple of early silent film actors/makers. Was not terribly successful, and has been alternately maligned and praised.

5. For some reason, dictionaries have listed the word "nickelodeon" as a slang term for "jukebox", which in itself is a slang term for a coin-operated phonograph. I have never personally heard this usage, as most people who see a jukebox know what it is called. This usage, if indeed it exists, probably comes from the fact that the jukebox largely replaced the coin piano and orchestrion in public places such as bars and restaurants by performing essentially the same function: providing music for money. This changeover happened about 1930 or so.
1. "It's Saturday, what shall we do to-day?"
"Why don't we go down to the nickelodeon and see that new Charlie Chaplin movie, it's supposed to be very funny."

2. barfly to another barfly "Drop a nickel in the nickelodeon; I want some music to go with my 'suds'."

3."What do you think of Nickelodeon nowadays?"
"I think it would be better if they stuck with shows like Hey! Arnold and Pete and Pete, instead of all this new stuff that's really too bland and trendy."

4. {girl to another girl) "So how was 'Nickelodeon'?"
"I liked Burt Reynolds better in 'White Lightning'."

5. "Hey brother, do you have a dime? They got that new Fats Domino record in the nickelodeon."
"That ain't no 'nickelodeon', man, that's a juke box."
#synonyms: silent movie theatre #movie house #coin piano #orchestrion. related words: tv channel #movie #jukebox. common misspellings: nickelodean #nicklodian #etc.
by A. Barrett November 22, 2005
A Channel like MTV that pollutes the minds of children and some teenagers who watch "Teenick". They cancel all the shows that are shitty in less than a year and yet they keep producing more and more shitty shows. These fuckers who own Nickelodeon, which is MTV, are a bunch of fucking asswholes who need to fucking die, or get off the air. Shitty shows include icarly or should i say diecarly, zoey101, unfabulous, H2O or should I say GAY2O, The Mighty B, Avatar or should I say Avatard, and a hell of a lot more shitty shows because the list keeps going.
Fuck you MTV for polluting the minds of our generation and Fuck you Nickelodeon for polluting the generation to follow.
Fuck MTV and Nickelodeon
#mtv #nickelodeon #dickelodeon #sickelodeon #fuckelodeon
by MTV Should Die January 10, 2009
Childish or immature.

rookie league.
Yo I can't do this 18 & over club, It's nickelodeon in here.

My baby's mom came up to my job acting all nickelodeon, almost got me fired.
#childish #immature #dumb #retarded #silly #aloof #naive
by Trinide April 27, 2007
Nickelodeon is like Will Ferrell......

Constant yammering about nonsense, heavily annoying and no originality at all.

What happened to he greatness of this show?

Ren and Stimpy, Doug, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Like, Pete and Pete, Afraid of the dark, GUTS, Etc.

Now all it shows are cartoons with crap animation added with annoying characters and with no plot.

They need to bring these shows back.
Nickelodeon is utter crap now!!
#good show #now crap #old movies #jukebox #done!
by BigTMoney March 27, 2007
1) A popular children's television station, which became so in the 1990's with shows such as, but not limited to, "Ren and Stimpy," "Salute Your Shorts!," "Rocko's Modern Life," and "All That!". The station has since, however, decreased in popularity with its original viewers due to the cancellation of many of these shows.

2) An early motion-picture viewing "theatre," into which one would admit a nickel (hence the name) and be able to look into the invention and view a film.
I turned on the TV to find the station tuned to Nickelodeon.

He inserted five cents into the nickelodeon and watched a movie.
#television #tv #tv show #old movie #silent movies #silent films
by potteraholic March 22, 2007
Good things never last. So true about Nickelodeon. This channel used to have all the badass shows like Rocko's modern life, Hey arnold and Invader Zim. Takes me back to think of these shows. With spongebob, Nickelodeon went downhill. The channel cancelled all the good shows and brought in new gay stuff. Lets take a look at the new Nickelodeon:

Icarly- the main character and her friends do whatever they want, not a good example for kids.

The penguins of madagascar- a spin off cartoon, wow

Fanboy and Chumchum- worse and stupider than icary

Back at the barnyard- another crappy spin off.

The mighty B!- five bucks you don't remember this one

True Jackson VP- common Nickelodeon, really

Victorious- just horrible teen drama

Big Time Rush- WTF!!!!!!!!!!! really

So shows like invader Zim, Rocko's modern life, The ren and stimpy show, or angry beavers are not worthy for nick, just teenage 'drama' and stupid new cartoons. Maybe like Darth Vader, there is still good in nickelodeon, who knows?
smart kid: Nickelodeon used to have good shows that had a few innuendos for teens, but they were still funny. Now all they have is icarly, big time rush and stupid cartoons like fanboy and chum chum

10 year old girl: Whatever, leik icarly is so awsome, OMG, the boys from big time rush are so hawt. liek victorious is so good. OMG liek icalry is on.

smart kid: fuck Ic..... (head blows up after watching icarly for 5 seconds)
#icarly #teenybopper #big time rush #mtv #sucks
by mr. mercury June 26, 2010
A horrible channel that was pretty cool about 12-15 years ago. Good shows on nickelodeon: Salute Your Shorts (greatest TV show ever), Rocko's Modern Life, Doug, Clarissa Explains It All etc... Bad Shows: Anything and i mean anything they play now, especially Rugrats, Fairly Odd Parents and Spongebob. The only time I watch this channel now is Nick at Night when I watch Fresh Prince and Roseanne.
I can't believe how all out bad this channel has become, an ultimate sell-out channel just like MTV, VH1, etc.
by Jason February 20, 2005
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