A dumbass channel aimed at suburban rich white protestant bush-supporting children. Only suburban and rich kids that are spoiled can ever get on air unless they give free trips for the "poor" children and then shows the poor children on the tv to humilate them.
Rocko's Modern Life was the shiz, as well as all of their other shows which showed alot of ooze and other sick stuff featuring a good variety of people. Now only white people are show on it unless it's some black person that is known to be "hip" and "ghetto" like.
by myself November 28, 2004
The channel for kids ages 5-17. It has shows such as spongebob, fairly odd parents and icarly. It also aired classics such as rugrats doug kablaam ahh real monsters and catdog. It is full of fun for most ages. There is an orange loge that has been changed over teh years.
Nickelodeon is the best channel ever.
by The Tree7635 August 22, 2009
The act of using a 9-volt battery whilst going down on some chick. you zap her with it to the tv network jingle - nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah... nick-el-o-de-on.... ya dig?
"I gave her the nickeldeon last night... and she tried to slap me! You KNOW they all like it though.. right right!"
by BigJim April 18, 2005
a kid in elementary school or in jr. high school that buys drugs from older high schoolers
I saw a bunch of nickelodeons hanging behind Starbucks sharing a joint
by your a giant pussy! November 29, 2003
A channel that everyone who grew up in the 90s has nostaglia for. Although they claim the cartoons were better, they actually were no better than today's cartoons, and they only remember them to be better because now they are older and are biased for the shows they grew up with and see how stupid the new ones are.
"Bring back the old Nickelodeon shows, sign the petitions"
by stghm June 07, 2006
1) An American TV show
2)In the olden days, it was a cheap movie theater that costed only a nickel
1) Nickelodeon is pretty bad channel now.
2) (from the childern's novel, The Serious Children) Nickelodeon H. H. Grant says, "A long time ago, before TV, a nickelodeon was a movie theater that charged a nickel to get in. There. Now you know. My name means 'cheap movie theater.' "
by ONE OK ROCKER June 23, 2016
A channel that used to be great but now is complete shit with "Henry Danger" "100 things" "School of Rock" "Wits Academy" and pretty much all the rest is shit too. A channel only faggots watch.
Person 1. Hey did you see the new episode of Henry Danger on Nickelodeon last night?!
Person 2. Ew you watch that shit Nickelodeon show?
by Dylanobrienisgod August 15, 2016
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